VBTA Limited


VBTA seeks, holds and manages approvals under Whole Vehicle Type Approval regulations for a variety of N1, N2 and N3 vehicles. Manufacturing, based on these approvals and in compliance with a range of Quality Assurance and Conformity of Production protocols is undertaken by VBTA Members. Members compete with each other on commercial terms, technical innovation and service. 

VBTA's purpose is to simplify approval through a co-operative approach by realising the benefits of administrative scale for Members and their Customers.

VBTA members, through the private areas of this website, can generate TVVs, CoCs and relevant Statutory Plates - a simple process bringing together a significant investment of time and resource in creating a cooperative, simple solution.

If you require detailed information about how VBTA works, its membership requirements, QA/COP protocols and how to apply for membership please contact, in the first instance, Malcolm Tagg 07484 820419.

Updated 01/01/2018